About Nathalie

My healing inspirations began early in life.

It was 1977. I was 14. My mother took me to Lebanon and we visited an orphanage of mentally disabled children. I still remember the moment of seeing them rocking back and forth in their crib, some of them crying, some yelling constantly and how it made me wish I could do something to help.

I let my heart led the way and I responded with open arms and gave lots of hugs! That went a long way. At a tender, young age I experienced that heartfull touch does make a difference. I received smiles and laughter back. I understood the healing power of loving kindness instantly.

In 1993, living in Boulder, Colorado raising my two sons, I again felt the urge to offer service. I became a CASA for 2 years (court appointed special advocate for neglected and abused children). It was an amazing experience that fulfilled my heart’s desire to be of benefit to others and to make a positive difference.

In January of 2000, fate and a tree changed my path of healing into a way of life. I had a near fatal accident, skiing into a tree. Before waking up with massive traumatic head injuries, in a fraction of time, I had a clear choice to leave my body or stay in it! Staying in it meant a tremendous commitment to healing. I was determined to heal 100 percent physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This journey also became an opportunity for a spiritual awakening as well. I set my healing sights on a pilgrimage to Nepal in September 2000 to motivate me to heal my body and heart as I was also still grieving the loss of my mother to breast cancer 10 months prior to my accident. A year later I spent a few months in Bali, and deepened my meditation practice as well as yoga. Both disciples  saved my sanity…. Upon my return, it was clear that I was to use and share my own healing journey to inspire others to heal themselves.

In November of 2000, I went to the South Bay Massage College and became certified as a massage therapist. In 2001, I spent 2 months in Bali learning myo-articular therapy. In 2003, I completed a children’s massage training for children with special needs. I also began reading and studying  the works of Alice Bailey, Rumi, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Kahlil Gibran, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dan Millman, just to name a few. These authors  amongst  many others were the back bones of my recovery, the nourishment for my heart. I also could have not  kept on healing without the support of my friends, family, community.

But mostly i have such gratitude to my meditation teacher Lama Michael Gregory from Mindfulness Meditation Centers in Florida who relentlessly, patiently, and generously, pointed me in the right direction and was teaching me how to find strength from within. I am forever so humbly grateful. I have gone on several 30 day silent meditation retreats and continue to do so yearly.

What amazing power love is!

Growing up in Paris, France with homeopathy and herbs, I used natural remedies to continue and complete full recovery from my ski accident. In addition, I spent extensive hours in meditation daily as well as  yoga to my personal practice. both of which, continue to be part of my life today.

Mindfulness Meditation was the turning point to absolute healing of the past which leaves me NOW in the present moment in wonderful ease, joy and inner peace. It was the most effective method of healing  for  panic attacks, anxiety, and depression and also taught me to focus and concentrate. By developing our ability to be more mindful, we become more aware of our negative thoughts patterns. when We bring our awareness to these thoughts and change our relation to them, we can see that it is not what is happening,but rather our relationship to what is happening  that creates our experience of life. It is nice to have a choice and free ourselves from reactivity, being able to calmly respond instead.

My hunger for knowledge continues  to grow as well. I tap into the resources that the Universe readily makes available to me – from quantum physics, shamanism, sound therapy, energetic work, chanting, music therapy, nutrition , mindfulness meditation and yoga therapy.

Now days i practice the integration of my HEART alignment with my mind using mindfulness and acceptance of who I wish  to  become by letting go of anything that does not serve my deepest aspiration;   sharing and providing a loving, safe healing environment  for others who seek to heal themselves.

This is how Le Refuge Wellness Retreat was born. My boys have since outgrown the nest, making room for me to extend my healing passion. I transformed my home into a retreat where people can reconnect with their deepest sense of peaceful Self.

The Universal Laws remind us that the only thing constant in life is CHANGE.

I love to be a witness of change. Observing and participating in the eternal cycle of life and death, teaches me that they are two sides of the same coin – that our life is our death practice. In LETTING GO everyday, we’re able to see ourselves more clearly and truthfully. WE can connect with open awareness and rest in it… free from fear, anxiety, anger and many other negative states of mind we can discover our unlimited potential and become more “user friendly”  to ourselves and others.

I welcome you to come for a visit and exercise your “letting go muscles”. You will find it liberating, refreshing, and invigorating!

The Le Refuge experience will propel you into the next chapter of your life with flying joy and celebration,a new perspective of understanding  that you are empowered to create the life you want. Confident and reminded that you already have the freedom to participate in your own transformation.

One cannot see new horizons until one has the courage to loose sight of the shores.
Fear prohibits imagination.
Love is the energy, compassion is the matter.

Peace brings harmony,
Harmony brings Love,
Love brings Healing,
Healing brings Peace.

It is the essence of what you are made of …
learn to use it!

Today I am fully healed, back on my skis, celebrating the Tree of Life with an attitude of Gratitude. I look forward to sharing Le Refuge with you and your family and friends!


I have done several 30 day silent retreat, and to this day continue to practice and give support to those interested in learning how to live mindfully completely conscious and aware… creating a space for others to gain from all the benefits I harvest by such deep and relevant practice. I offer day Vipassana retreat, that can last all day and up to 30 days depending on your personal needs.

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