Wellness Retreat

Le Refuge Wellness Retreat on Gore Creek in Vail, CO

Welcome to Le Refuge Wellness Retreat

Le Refuge Wellness Retreat is an amazing place to rest  from the busy-ness of your life. This is an invitation for you to participate in the creativity of your own Divine expression.

Le Refuge Wellness Retreat is the perfect setting for you to get away, replenish, restore and rejuvenate your body/mind/heart.

Le Refuge Wellness Retreat is a safe and nurturing environment  so you can discover and apply tools such as mindfulness meditation,  restorative yoga, massage/energy therapy, organic non gmo nutritional cooking/ lessons.

This is your opportunity to directly reconnect and experience physical wellness, mental and emotional inner peace, and  heart full joie de vivre.

Happiness is not a destination,
it is a state of being.

Tranquility in Practice Image

Le Refuge Wellness Retreat is a serene place where you can quietly meditate.

Feel free to inquire about (contact Natalie) short term and long term solitary meditation retreats.

May you be well, wise and happy.