Therapeutic Treatments

In order to maximize your recovery session, you will be laying on a PROFESSIONAL AMETHYST BIO-MAT during your massage treatment.

Aromatherapy Swedish Massage
1 hour $95 | 90 min $125

Full body massage with light pressure combining the benefits of the healing touch therapy and essential oils. This different approach allows the body energy flow (chi) to be smooth. Unblocking energy and returning it to an easy flow. Restoring balance by grounding yourself with aromatherapy. These essential oils calm and stimulate your nervous system bringing you back to your own personal peaceful rhythm.

Deep Tissue Massage
1 hour $125 | 90 min $140

This penetrating deep massage demands strong pressure resulting sometimes in soreness or bruising. Recommended for athletic people, stimulate the circulatory system as well as stretching and manipulating the body to create more space within the joints. Relax the super tight overworked muscles to become supple again. Excellent for tired ski legs.

Certified Reiki Treatment
1 hour $75

Reiki is an ancient treatment gaining popularity and recognition in Western countries due to its therapeutic benefits. The gentle nature of this treatment is especially appealing to those sensitive to touch.

Yoga Therapy
90 mins $75

This series will be made to suit your body, mind, heart particular needs. Options include breathing work, instruction, body realignment, and partner yoga.

Candle Earwax Treatment
45 min $40

Recommended for chronic sinusitis. This non invasive technique promotes better hearing, re-establishes your equilibrium. Combine with a scalp massage, children love this one, it will put you to sleep for a nap.