Principles-based Partner Yoga

Just like meditation, yoga became a crucial tool in the recovery of my brain injuries.
Since 2000, I learned and practiced different kinds of yoga, (hatha, vinyassa, flow, and more) all of which have contributed to my healing progress.

However i think that the emphasis on communication is often time overlooked and underestimated. As we become mindful and aware we communicate with much more clarity and ease. Lining up the mind, the breath and  the body is a form of communication that leads to “know thy self….”

Principles-based partner yoga  sets the perfect environment to manifest the highest form of communication called harmony with self first  and then with others.

I was fortunate to  meet and learn from  Elyzabeth Williamson who has dedicated her life  in  developing this extraordinary practice based on principles such as :

“Through the practice of partner yoga, the duality of self and other begins to dissolve and we experience directly the essence of yoga- Union”

“Healing comes as we choose to release pain of our past and cultivate the trust that returns us to innocence-an innocence that is reborn in Wisdom”

“The spiritual potential of  humanity-perhaps the survival of humanity itself- is intimately connected with our ability to develop true compassion for self and others.”

I invite you to LET GO once again of what you know and  to create space to explore and discover a new way to celebrate and share your true nature, bathing in the yummy-ness of radical self-acceptance.

with love and respect.